Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Web "Real Estate"

Selling and buying websites—essentially transactions without any physical property moving between parties—seems to be a business with high profit margins. To succeed in this cyber “real estate,” all a website developer really needs is a computer, some skills and some people willing to let you work on their company website. It’s much easier than working in the physical world where pipes break, roofs fall and heater systems don’t function—a website can be exactly what you envision it to be, is easily manageable, flexible and sturdy (provided you have the required computer skills).

In the first example of this article, the developer made a whopping profit of close to $171, 000 for his services: his time and ingenuity. The internet holds such a vast array of information that I believe a person who is inclined to learn as much as possible about the construction of websites can have a very successful solo education.

This can open up avenues for so many people who feel disinclined to commit themselves to conventional education systems—think of the money to be made by young, enthusiastic and creative individuals trying to help the older generation survive in a world that is steadily moving into the digital realm. Indeed, it would be a win-win situation for both the website developer, who ends up making quite a chunk of income for a job that he probably finds enjoyable, and the business owner, who sees his customer base broaden because of improved online services.

The average price of a website was recently reported as $78.00 on eBay where blogs and other such sites are the most popular. Now, not only is the internet a medium for selling merchandise, but it is the “merchandise.” It is generating a “mini-industry” based on skill, ingenuity and whatever time it takes to build up websites.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Medialets - App Store Day 4: Observations coming out of the smoke

Since the iTunes App Store and the iPhone 3g have launched, people have been wondering the status of apps. Now, Medialets an ad network for the iPhone seems to have opened up the App Store to provide the answers.

Victory for ebay